Cartoon HD for iOS,iPhone,iPad

Everybody in the modern world loves to do the things that deviate their attention from work to some other good things in which they really are interested. Nobody actually has a better plan than you for choosing the favorite activity for yourself.

Some people find their interests in watching movies and stuff, some people love to play games yet some have some special interests like watching cartoons and other related movies from the internet they visit and browse daily on.

Not only will many of us love to watch online but you can even download them for your devices and if you are in need of such an app which provides you to download cartoon shows for free, then the app CARTOON HD would be the best option for you in this case.

The best part about this app namely Cartoon hd is that it provides you with all your cartoon shows for free, right from Tom and Jerry to all the related stuff which you want to download and watch for free.

The reason most of the people still love to enjoy all these cartoons and all is that most of us actually love to have some quality time with ourselves and watching and refreshing the old memories in our lives seems to be one of the best option that you can just go for.

The Cartoon HD for iOS is one such app that will provide you with all such movies and cartoon shows and that too for free without paying even a single penny. It is available for Android and iOS too and if you want to know the procedure of how to download Cartoon HD for iOS, then we are going to give you the full procedure.So, let us begin with the process of download cartoon hd for ios:


  1. First of all, you just need to set the date of your iOS device to August 1, 2014 and for that, you have to navigate to Settings > General > Date & Time and change the said date. However, time doesn’t matter in this case.
  2. Now, you have to download Cartoon HD and for this purpose, you have to open the browser Safari and open this link to download carton hd for ios.
  3. Now, after you download Cartoon hd for ios, you have to open the file and install it. You will be prompted to install and you have to click on the button “Install”.
  4. Now after you open the app, you will be asked whether you want to trust this app or not. Just click the option “Trust”
  5. Now Cartoon HD will be installed on your ios devices and you can now easily watch your favorite cartoon shows and that too for free on your iOS devices.